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Too Grey

A refugee of belonging
A refugee of acceptance
I’m still not sorry for who I am
An enemy of repentance.

Too white for black circles
Shunted by my own
Too black for white circles
Abandoned by those of which I have known

Yet I see no color
My heart is truly blind
A soul, terribly lost at sea
One a cruel world has left behind

Too black?
Too white?
No, too grey.
You don’t care about color either?
Well, touche.

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  1. God, this is amazing. I absolutely love it <3 PLEASE don't ever stop writing. You obviously have so much talent!!

  2. This is my mind off poetry!
    You painted a colorless picture, with your word’s.
    Yet, it shines so brightly.

    You’ve got skills with a pen, my friend.
    You can be a part of my circle any day.

    The only requirement is that you be yourself!

    Excellent piece!

    • *my kind of poetry

      (I clearly shouldn’t be commenting at 2:23am.. 😂😂 )

      • Hahaha, it’s all good. I really appreciate it, man.

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