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A Mural.

A mural, with its strongest in the corner
Not the middle, or the top
But still brings the balance.

A mural, repainted for renewal
Each and every part, middle to top and sides
Still, the strongest remains in the corner.

A mural, chaotic with color
With promise, and eyes are drawn everywhere
Yet the strongest in the corner is stained monochrome.

A mural, tormented to perfection
Is no longer what it was before
The strongest in the corner is chipping.

A mural, pigments wilting in waste
Is abandoned, forgotten by those
That ignored the strongest in the corner, long gone.

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  1. very strong use of words with imagery…I hesitate to be critical (it’s all subjective, really), but since you wisely ask for it, I will. I believe rhythm is really important. You had it going until you knocked me off the road with…” with promise, and eyes drawn everywhere”. It’s kind of clunky, and commas should be used carefully.
    That being said, I really liked this.

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