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Hello, Stranger

Here I am.

Rickety billboards in my old town

Welcoming me back..

“Hello, stranger.”

Yes, stranger.

Do you know what I find strange?

That this city remembers me.

All of my old haunts,

The places I left my mark,

Are still here.

And that astounds me.

When I left,

I wiped this place from my memory.

I rewrote my idea of “home”.

But I’m back again,

And the rickety billboards in my old town

Welcome me back.

“Hello, Stranger.”

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  1. Hello, stranger 🙂
    Great write, and I have to say that the ride was incredible from start to finish. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i understand this feeling pretty well. we moved away from my extended family when i was a kid, and we’ve moved 30 times since then, so i never had an idea of a ‘home town’ until i went back to where all my family was… its such a small town, and i feel so welcomed and somehow ingrained in the city. the tiny bit of time i had there in my reference had so much impact on the tiny place, its almost magical

  3. I can certainly relate to this piece.
    “Hello Stranger” is such a creative thought.

    I really enjoy reading your word’s.
    Another great piece!

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