i feel like a pile of dirt
im down in the ground, broken and hurt
the weight of the situation is impressive
the mood of the room is just depressive

tomorrow is execution day for me and everyone i know
well, thats makes me and three
compressing the pain i cannot show
i rise from the dust onto a bent knee

i intend to rise up
stand out
climb out

it overhwhelms me
but this PRESSURE
it recreates me

changes my composition
enables me to change position
get down to business
take no nonsense
complete the tasks
and then relax

i will overcome my situation
just ignore my inhibitions
take on this scene
with my routine

i am the messiah
here to shine
i am the messiah
im here on time

because no room and less
makes me focused
and no room to fail
makes me unbreakable



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