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Sex Substitute

I bare you my body

In hopes that

By seeing me in my most vulnerable state

You will see how I love you

Sadly all you see is

Breasts and hips and a sultry smile

And not the my fear of your anger, or rejection.

Not a person

Desperately wanting to be told

“You do not need to be nude for me to love you”.


Published inSorrow


  1. This is so sweet and sad. True beauty comes from within. Good piece, my friend.

  2. That title totally mislead me..
    In a good way.

    This is a bold piece of writing, my friend.
    More people should see your word’s.

    Unfortunately, lust & love are so easily interchangeable in today’s society.. probably longer.

    Objectification seems to be the norm.
    It’s not okay.

    Great piece of writing.

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