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Manna, or Its Equivalent

Studium reigns today.

His gaze is focused and engaged

he is fascinated with this

and absorbed by that.

I love him and worship him

I give him gifts of interesting things

I give him books I give him films.

I watch as he studies the outline of a faded memory

and draws his finger in fixed stare

across the barren sidewalk.

And he gives me food in exchange

unleavened bread and ghee

blessed with facts and fictions,

toils and gleeful burdens.

He supports me after the dull and painful days

brings his lovely water to my lips

I drink of the enchanting

it sustains me and lifts me.

And I swear to you

I will celebrate him all of my remaining days

Yes he will bear my weight and I will bear his.

Do not die away, please

I cannot stand a grey universe

and I fear that it will be

unendingly grey, with nothing of interest

just sameness and dull suffering.

And as terror overcomes me he says

oh, check this out…






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