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The Storm Is Over Now

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“Happiness, where are you? You were here, but now you’re gone.”
You say this so often that you feel you can’t go on.


You cry yourself to sleep at night. Often you feel ill.
It’s okay to cry, don’t be afraid of the way you feel.


There before you is a gun. You sit and contemplate.
Maybe you should do it. It’s best to leave this place.


Now you may be wondering whose story this may be.
I am speaking of myself…yes, this poem’s about me.


You see, I was so lonely. So often I felt depressed.
Didn’t care about life, because mine was all a mess.


Everything I did. Man, it seemed to turn me south.
Every road I went on, I ended up on the same route.


I use to hear these voices…voices in my head.
Doctors wanted to help me, but no was all I said.


You see I was so stubborn. I didn’t want any help.
I knew I’d defeat this monster. I tried to do it myself.


But the voices continued, “You’re nothing but a coward!”
They would often whisper. The whispers were getting louder.


Call it crazy if you want to, but really I don’t care.
Please continue reading. I’m taking you somewhere.


I started reading Scripture. I believed what I read.
Faith took over me, resurrecting what was dead.


One day I became determined. Took control of life.
Said to myself,  “Jarid, you will be alright.”


With faith I moved depression, taking back my life.
Began to get stronger. Defeating all in sight.


Don’t let anyone tell you what you cannot do.

Go ahead and climb the ladder. I believe in you.


So here I am today. I made it someway somehow.
Peace I found within my life, the storm is over now.


“Whatever you can conceive in the mind
you can achieve.”

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  1. Proud of you, my friend!
    Keep writing.

    Y ou’ve come a long way.
    It’s been a joy to watch you rise!

    • Thanks J. Sorry, but I replied down below. Didn’t realize until after. Thanks a million though!

  2. NB NB

    although, as I may have mentioned, i’m not religious, the symbolism of resurrection is a very important thing for me, ’cause it’s showing how it’s possible to rise even from the darkest depths.. & you showed it through your personal experience in this piece.. well done, bro.. this has got to be one of your best works (:

    • Thanks a bunch Nebo! Means a lot coming from you. True warriors always rise.

  3. Good to see you overcome, brother. Many of us struggle with he idea that we’re not good enough, or don’t belong here. That inner storm eventually passes, and this write, and the religious undertones, guide the reader to the light as opposed to the darkness. Excellent as always!

    • Thanks CY! You’re right. Storms don’t always last. As long as we take shelter and wait for it to pass over we can overcome.

  4. Thanks Rome. I used to suffer from depression a lot which often got me sick and not wanting to do anything. But just reading the Bible and coming across certain scriptures lifted me up to become a warrior and to fight to the very end and not just lay there and take it (hence the lion in me). Appreciate your feedback!

  5. You always have this sincerity and honesty in your poems, which is something I admire. It’s always something I shy away from a little in my own writings. So I find this poem really incredible, and I applaud you for always being genuine. Amazing work 🙂

    • Thanks Mona! It takes a lot of courage to open up and be honest about the struggles I’ve been through. I’m not one to front though, so it’s ok to admit problems and to share in overcoming them. Appreciate you reading and commenting my friend!

  6. midnightrain

    Wow Jarid, this was so inspirational. Coming back from depression is such a hard thing to do. I’m glad the storm is over now. I wish you many clear skies and sunny days ahead.

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