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I’m scared.




That’s a difficult statement
for me t’openly admit.


There are so many different
sets of eyes – that are on me
at all times.




It’s mind blowin’ the potential
of people that this admission
could possibly hit.


But, it’s true.


With the exception of very few,
I’m scared of the way that other’s
may perceive me.


At times I enter rooms with this
internal fear of the way in which
they might receive me.


Shit’s scary as fk.
Best believe me.


It’s like that feelin’ of being caught
with my pants around my ankles
while I’m tryin’ t’relieve me.




I’m scared.




Every time my pen hits that paper,
I’m terrified of what the people
that know me are goin’ t’think.


I worry about whom I’m gonna
offend this time – when I push
my emotions towards the brink.


It wouldn’t be the first time that
I’ve been told to stop writin’ ‘n
take my “pitiful soundin” ass
to see a f’kin shrink.




I’m scared.




Absolutely petrified t’relive some
moments of my troublesome past.


I know – the past is the past – BUT
these painful feelin’s that I harbor –
they last ‘n they last.


I take three steps forward – only t’be
thrown all the way back, hella fast.


I apologize t’those that sometimes
find my outbursts difficult t’grasp.




I’m scared.




When the truth finally comes out,
I fear that many of y’all are gonna
look at me – in a different light.


Right now, y’say you won’t.


I know there’s a possibility that y’might.


And that possibility has kept me awake
night, after night, after tear-filled night.




I’m scared..




-rome ©2017

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  1. This was a thrilling, but all too real, read. The idea of being seen in another light scares everyone, and you were able to translate that paranoia masterfully. I absolutely love this, brother!

    • I couldn’t have been anymore honest, than I was writing this piece.

      I know, in one way or another, we’re all judged.. at some point.

      However, being a writer (moreso a poet) we open ourselves up to a world of criticism.

      If anyone, I know you understand.
      Thanks so much, Brother!

  2. It’s a chance we all take as writers. I’ve certainly had my share of different viewpoints aimed at me when it comes to certain poems I’ve put out. However, your true fans will never leave you. I look at it this way, I’m not in position to judge, so who am I to judge another. I haven’t walked a mile in their shoes. You’re simply being real here and the fear is real, so nothing wrong with that. That in itself makes you a realest and not some fake out there just looking for a pat on the back all the time. Since knowing you, I see you give back to those who gave to you. You’re true to yourself and wear your heart on your sleeve. Because of these traits, it makes you one of my faves and the one that kept me going when I myself wanted to quit. Keep doing your thing bro!

    • This is why you’re M’dude.
      Real recognize real. 💯

      Thank you so much, J-rid.
      You’re another one I had no doubt could relate.

      Appreciate you!

  3. Very commendable, to disrobe your soul takes a lot of courage. We can never please everyone, being honest makes us grow. TFS

    • I agree! 💯

      Appreciate you reading/commenting.
      Thanks so much, my friend.

      • My pleasure!

      • 😊

  4. I think most here have gotten enough of a sense of who you are through your previous poems that even if a new one shocks us, we still will hold you in high regard Jerome! Also the repetition of the “I’m scared” line does a good job setting the stage for your next idea! Keep doing you Jerome!

    • That really means a lot, my friend!
      Thank you for always getting behind my word’s.

      Appreciate you!

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