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I rest neatly cloaked
of an envelope.
Inked, ‘n smellin’
of a spritz – of Hollister Cologne.


I’m not one to pine – on an anecdote.
But I know on this impendin’ journey,
I’m travelin’ all on my own.


The words that’ve been
wholeheartedly quill spilt
have barely even dried.


As I lay in here
Hopeful, ‘n more than a smidge
of terrified.


My Love’s the raw emotion
of a heart – feelin’ all alone.


My Love’s the endless passion
of a hand written poem.


My Love’s
Nestled gently beneath a one way ticket.


As I’ve finally reached her delicate hands.
The body of my intentions – she carefully unfolds.





“My Dearest Love, truth be told;


When everyone in my life has stranded me,
you’ve always remained near.


Through moments of anxiety,
helplessness, ‘n inconsolable despair.


You showed me a side of life,
in which I was previously unaware.


I’m not quite sure why you even put up with me.
I really can’t fathom – why you still care?


I constantly hide you from the outside world.
Around my friends – you miraculously disappear.


Yet, every time I’ve needed consolin’.
It’s YOU – that’s always there – with an ear.


I’ve poured my freakin’ heart out,
to you – time ‘n time again.


I’ve made a complete ass – of myself.
I’ve even tried to pretend.


That I was perfectly fine,
when my life, I was all but ready – to end.


And through it all – you were there for me.
God, I still can’t comprehend.


What I’ve done to deserve your love.
What I can do – t’make amends.


Please, don’t tear me up!
My love, listen t’what’s been penned.


My Dearest Poetry,
From this point forward –
I promise t’uphold my end.


On everythin’ I love..


Yes, I’m in love with you.”






This is my confession..


-rome ©2016

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  1. What a lovely ode to this genre which I wish more would comprehend, but ah, who cares? Taking the page in hand, we give voice to so much, and at least the page never reacts, excepting when you use pencil and erase too oft. Lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I remember this one. Still a great twist…almost had me fooled the second Love poetry with a twist.

  3. NB NB

    come on, man, where does this amount of awesomeness come from…? I’ve read, like, all of the stuff you posted & I’ve never, not for a moment, felt disappointed or even had a suggestion to make it sound better.. wtf.. I can’t even react.. I just clap my hands like a madman xD

    • Damn, Nebo..
      I don’t know how to react.
      You know how much your opinions mean to me.

      Thank you so much, for always being an eye/voice for my word’s.

      Much appreciated!

  4. Great poem. I gotta ask, is this speaking through the “letter” itself? If so, brilliant move!

    • It is! 😀👍

      I’m happy that you were able to pick up on that.

      I wrote this from the letter’s perspective.
      As if I were the one being mailed, held, read, etc.

      I’m glad you pointed that out. I wasn’t sure I’d made that clear enough.

      Thanks so much!

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