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Abrupt End

Missing you
Two words burned in my eyes
It’s true
Missing you
Two hearts broken apart
It’s true
Missing you

I felt the hurt
You did too
It was all wrong
What did we do?

Missing you
Cut apart
Thinking of us how it fell apart
Why did we do it?

I pushed away
You pushed away
I felt taken for granted
You didn’t want to lose me
We lost each other
Are we better off
Not together?


But I’m still missing you

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  1. Even if not good for each other, it’s hard not to miss
    someone who was close to you. Nice penning.

  2. Your title aptly illustrates what breaking-up often is, while the meat of this beauty expresses poignantly the hellish misery which ensues, as well as the cause. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

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