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.99 Cent Cologne

I used to buy you 99 cent colognes and you loved their scent
and were content.
I carefully picked scents that matched
closer to the original expensive brands.

One day I gave you the real stuff and you got so happy.
After a while I offered to buy you the 99 cent stuff again
and you said, “No!” I asked, “Why?”

Your response was, “Because the 99 cent stuff
only lasts 99 seconds.”

We both LOL!

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  1. Ah, this was pretty. Your superb twist, turning the freighted expectation into happy laughter too beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed it.

    • He normally does not have a sense of humor, but on this
      occasion he made us laugh. Thank you for reading & commenting.

  2. Very good comical poem. I never wear the cheap stuff myself. Hate it when the smell goes away soon as you put it on.

    • Yes, I agree. He didn’t know any better, but I spoiled him,
      he’s never going back. lol
      Thanks for the input.

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