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Does compassion have a limit?
It sure does seem it
There are many
Who won’t give any

Those that seem not to care
As if others are not there
To concerned for their self
Never willing to offer help

I never considered it something willed
In me it was always instilled
I truly have compassion
Others problems I can’t pass on

It hurts me to see others hurt
From my back I’d give my shirt
It seems like a desire
I must help with your flat tire

If I should see you cry
I must discover why
I will feel a need to help
This comes from deep inside myself

I give more than I can afford
And will do so without a word
We not need to meet
Before I would offer up my seat

Sad it is though the way we live
Too many will not give
Unless perhaps to show off
Or because it’s a tax write off

I know there are a lot
Willing to share what they’ve got
But also I see everywhere
Too many who just do not care

Compassion is by definition
A caring sharing condition
Compassion is a feeling shown
Unfortunately you can’t give your own

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