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A bad week

Its been one of those weeks
so I don’t know what to write
but thankfully its hump day
the weekend is in sight

Monday was well just Monday
which by now I should expect
but I must admit I wasn’t ready
for just what happened next

When I woke up Tuesday morning
I had overslept of course
and the milk was more like yoghurt
which just made a bad day worse

By the time I finally got to work
I’d a ladder in my hose
and allergies were in full swing
you’d swear I’d Rudolph’s nose

Of course the coffee pot was empty
and the printer it had jammed
and by now it’s almost lunchtime
so there’s no one to lend a hand

So I worked through lunch to catch up
and somehow make amends
but then my PC up and died
which drives me round the bends

When everyone came back from lunch
I could hear all of their sniggers
Until someone finally told me
I’d my skirt tucked in my knickers