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A new page

Its a new page that starts my destiny today, My thoughts ponder what do I want to say,
First of all, I want to thank you Lord, for all the blessing you have poured.
There were joys, tears, and pain, There were times when I doubted, that I’d make it through again.

But I just want to thank you Lord, You brought me through, to face, my destiny in You,
You have given me hope, that I can rely on, So here I go again, hoping to stand.
I will go forward as You have planned, Oh yes! I’ll be holding Your hand.

We each have a cross that are sometimes, heavy to bear,
However there’s someone who will always care,
He’ll give you the strength to keep you going, He will relieve the weight your carrying.
He’s faithful a friend, who knows your experience, He’s been there before you, so He can take you through.

So, I want to thank you, Lord, for those lessons learned, while in my heart burned,
the pain of sorrow, the fears of tomorrow, the dread of the night the tears, I could not fight.
Your patience was chilled, As You waited for me to heal, As you reminded me that You would not leave me.

So, I want to thank you, Lord, for all my tomorrows, I’ll leave them with You,
Because I now know, Your Love will lead me on, To great days too.
I’m grateful, Lord, for now I know it’s all about, today, me and You.