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As children of the universe,
Our destination earth –
We ride upon the solar winds
Until the hour of birth

When scattered, weary travelers
Who’ve journeyed from afar
Begin our incarnation
On this cold and dying star;

What used to be so beautiful,
So vibrant, green and blue –
An oasis for the many
Has been wasted by the few;

What purpose in this torture
Of the motherhood of man?
What evil child will desecrate
His home because he can?

We’ve overstayed our welcome,
It’s time for us to leave,
And after our destruction
Will no man be left to grieve?

Sweet children of the universe
With hearts so pure and free,
Release this star from bondage
With love’s celestial key!

Return these souls to heaven,
Wrap this earth in slumber deep –
Awaken us with dreaming,
Let your love inside us creep,

Then as buds upon the branches
Of life’s tree on some spring morn’,
We shall blossom into beauty
And this earth shall be reborn.