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A sweet gift of God

Had a sweet loving friend called Bingo
He was very good and attached
Sensible and hated loud noises
At times very naughty too.

On a bright sunny day I found him
Oh! Such a loving friend he was
On that special occasion
Oh! Just cannot forget him.

So innocent and caring he was
Very understanding and lovable
Very sweet and pretty
So much faith he had in me.

With his glittering eyes looked upon me
Kissed me with his sweet mouth
Just licked me with his long tongue
And holds me tight with his loving hairy hands

He had a feeling of security
Used to understand me well
Never spoke a word to me
Always had a loving smile for me

We used to play with each other
Enjoyed each other’s company
We were in our world
Just always together

Oh that horrible day
How I wish it didn’t happen
Oh just prayed to the Almighty
How am I going to bear it…?

He had a terrible fall
Could hardly move after it
Wanted me to be beside him
And crawled into my hands

I was with him the whole day
And didn’t want to loose him
Was there with him all through
Just seeing his last moments

Finding hard to breathe
And no way to survive
At last he left me
Leaving me all alone

I could only stand beside him
And pray for his soul
To rest in peace
For my loving friend Bingo

God‘s gift for me just for few months
Was gifted to care and love him
Became a pet of our family
None other than my sweet loving
Bingo the sweetest squirrel…..