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accidental encounter

melodic rhythms caress my body

the beat sends me in to a never ending trance

let loose all this stress

be one with the music

his hands touch my hips

teaching me the beat

this awkward advance but soon we shall meet

your just a stranger I once shared a glance with

now in your mind your defeating the moment to make chance with

this is not what I intended

just craved your attention

release the fierce woman I am

give you a taste

put it in your face

then walk away knowing your still hungry

struggle with my thirst for you touch

but more than friends is too much

can’t handle this flame

you lit inside my body

taunting me with your devouring eyes

the beat continues

rocking my hips

so alive this thirst

secretly wanting your hands to travel in places not allowed

enjoy this temporary fix

your giving to me

accidental to meet

leaving as soon as we greet

the hunger we both have

need to fulfill this fantasy of you inside my mind

at least for now we can be friends..

for this time