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Arrival of Daughter

You are blessed with a daughter
The Nurse came out and announced the blissful matter
While I was eager to see her, she was washed and brought out few minutes later
Carefully holding in my hands, my bundle of joy
I pompously smiled and looked at the baby-truly a golden toy
What names I should select for her
What games I should play with her
What frock I should buy her
What doll I should give her
What school I should send her
I already started pondering and bother
In my new found role of that little child’s father
I went in and congratulated my wife on her promotion as mother
Leaving the child to the care of medical staff
I came out and went off
To break the happy news to my kith and kin
To announce to my friends and relatives of my great win
With joy and excitement I was flying in cloud nine
I was jumping and hopping in rapturous rain
In ecstasy I bought many a doll
In frolic I bought a tiny sweater and frock
With them I returned back to the Maternity Ward
Singing lullabies like a just consecrated bard!