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Columns of soft white envelop her,
the pale, straight grass leaning with the wind.
It seems as if they are the only things
that are truly, and fully in color.

She feels as if she is suspended,
floating not only in air, but in time.
His arms completely surround her,
cradling her comfortably against him.

They are not who you assume they are,
but none of that matters for now.
What matters is that he is not alone.
She has come to free him of his self-made prison.

His eyes are lost in the vastness overhead.
He is relieved as he meets her gaze.
She has been searching for a life time,
consumed and immobile from the past.

He hears the music of the grass blades,
brushing tenderly against each other.
But most prominent in her ear,
is the steady beat of his bleeding heart.