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sunken into an armchair
like her aged years
of white hair and wizened eyes
peering through spectacles

with every word what
memories regrets wishes hope
faith accompany her
reading now

her foot moving with
the rhythm of her thoughts
we all have hearts that
beat quicken and crawl

crossing her legs shifting –
must be the story – her body
curved over the book huddled for each
play out of the story, no rushing,
no penalties no timeouts

I the only spectator
silently enveloped
in another world
within this book world

crowded with so many stories
closed for now – ready to
perform for those who chose
the Scheherasade of endless
adventures and flights of fancy

one story among
so many stacked on shelves
waiting…to be digested
one patron among
so many busy customers
waiting …. to be infested

– Ben Gieske, January 14, 2009