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beautiful mistake

In this distant moment I set back to realize

the moment when I decided to reveal all of me to you

Did you embrace the moment

with that sad look upon your face

or Instead replace your doubt about me

with a fake imitation of who you want me to be ?

I wander about this crazy reverie with no words to greet my aching soul

and If you ever decide to realize we can’t be together you will wake up and know

It is not meant for us to hold hands and your kiss just a selfish plea for attention

you don’t love me just the ideal of what I am to you

abuse the inner wanting to be loved and appreciated

our friendship precious and nearly gone

because of that moment in which we both committed personal wrongs

and now will it ever be what it should

and will you ever know what you would have

can’t stop to take a breathe without feeling your lips pressed against mine

and someday the regret will greet us with time

but for now I’m stuck wondering these criminal thoughts inside my mind

why didn’t you ask me to be by your side