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Better Forgotten, Forsaken

isnt it frustrating
isnt it sad
when you work so hard
and it all goes bad

am still working for it
but i think at times, why so?
cause all i gain to myself
is to see my dear ones happy, and make it sure!

i’ve been breaking my head
even when am sick and almost dead,
its hard for me too,
am weak and can’t even tread

am sitting in the midst of a multitude
they think am fine
am tired, am feeble,
and i get no sleep of mine

its their ignorance
its their deed,
that gets me bad,
cause they dont give any heed

i dont have any cold
this isnt any flu
its my body gettin itself bad
cause it couldnt see the happiness in you

all ive been running for
dying for, was to see them all free
from their problems, and troubles
even it needed to risk me

its better to have me forgotten,
forsaken, unknown and dead,
than trying hard to have them live nice but be helpless
and be eventually hurt and left bereft