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between you and me

can’t look back no more
keep playing these words in my mind
confused by your look of lust
just a bad intention you must
tell me all the things that i need to hear
make this love capable of being touched, being near
I wanna scream my resolution in you ear
but it’s too late for all that now
I have given up
trying to be the woman you need
All you can do now is donate your seed
That part of you and me is gone
can’t let you ruin
what is left of my flesh
scarred and smelling of fear
thanks for your absence
it helped make everything clear
for me to realize the abuse you had me under
all this loyalty i gave you makes me wonder
why did i stay
put up with your souls torture
wonder why I played the game so long
wasted all this time
when you don’t want me as a person
You don’t want me
but Your too selfish to let me go
So you play the game and
I realize its over
held on for too long now
why did i let you take all of me
now I can’t ever get my soul back
untarnished and cleansed
from this brokenness
you lent my soul a confusion
i never choose to see
but no longer do you have that control over me
walking away
as i choose to say goodbye
as i stand up for myself
let it go
this truth that i know
your too blind to see
that its over between you and me