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Bloodbath Bacchanal

The slurry flows with diligence
from the troths of complacency
fed by noble gravity to plummet
in pools of needless flesh discarded.

No deity commands such diligence
within this moribund dance of death
since platitudes of human thought
form these adept doctrines of decay.

Every living thing hangs in balance
behind our jewel of happenstance
where scoundrel and thief run rampant
to extricate pounds of sweat as penance

for ignoring the energies of renewal
that fill each cell with benevolence
from echoes of creation’s explosion
lifting sonorous within these tissues.

I tip my glance towards wonderment
despite the machinations of demonic
force fixated on domination of spirit
once free to flow with blessed grace.

Justified within my sacred promise,
I shall journey to correct corruption
with every fiber of fortitude majestic
until I glow like a prodigious nova.