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Part One

Brewing below the surface of one young boy’s imagination
Reality took on the mind of his own creation
Each event shadowing the meaning to which he gave birth
Alternating between the faces of different worth
Kellie Troy was all reality and possibility
Her broken heart searching for love and honesty
Every place for her an encircled world complete
Another world for others was what she would constantly seek
Resonating somewhere in a tunnel of earlier times
Tangling her feet finally on Breakheart Hill in kudzu vines

Hers was a heroine’s life courageously unfolded
In defense of those long ago captured and sold
Liberty for those whose ancestors had the will to win
Life – the prize of ending the race up Breakheart Hill

Part Two

Burdened by the suffocating air of small-town life
Relishing a larger world to filter away the strife
Edging tensions boiled up from his inner inadequacy
Alternating faces circling in his mind, all because of the scene
Kellie Troy, standing in an open field dressed in white
How exquisite the world appeared in his sight
Embracing the fiery brilliance of azaleas in bloom
Adolescent love altered in an editorial room
Reflecting the enigmas of those school days
Tempered consequences of his doing gone astray

His passion for her grew day by day
Intertwined with the mystery of her way
Longing to have her loving him in return
Lost her to another leaving him with heart burn

– December 17, 2009