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Hatrid has left my heart,
Love invades, I cant be apart,
From him, not for long,
If I am I’ll be dead and gone,
It’s funny and strange, but I’m in love,
With him, I look up and see a free dove,
A simble of love, it must be true,
That I belong with him, Theres nothing I can do,
He is my life, my world, my everything,
The only thing,
That can keep me happy, and excited,
To see the next day, my hatrid has susided,
It feels like it’s never there anymore,
But once in a while, it comes back worse then before,
My eyes flash, my lips turn down,
Feeling the hate, afraid I’ll drown,
In it, nothing goes write when I’m alone,
Letting out an annoyed moan,
I forget everything and dive into the music,
Remebering him, I feel love sick,
When he’s away I miss him,
And my lifes meaning goes deathly dim,
I love him, But I hate being this way,
But I cant help it, being traped day, by day,
I’ll live with it, as long as my love is returned,
And not shredded and burned.