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Call of the Stranger

The black thick untied hair of the night,
nature in its bed with soundless sleep,
silence enjoying the moonless night,
Depth of sleep in my eyes,
not a sole creature roaming around,
a voice appeared to break the silence,
as if someone in my dreams called me,
my eyes half opened,
unable to trace the mysterious call,
his face hidden behind the darkness,
only bold voice could be heard,
unidentified language he speaks,
the stranger pointing his fingers at me,
seems like an awareness for some happening,
or some mystery he wants to reveal,
I followed the figure where he takes,
after crossing a few miles it vanished,
I stood alone standing there,
turned back and saw some faces,
faces of the poor beings,
children who starve for food,
the hungry people asking me,
that why are we impious towards them?
They take us to be their God,
and expect a few from us,
the faces all together,
asking me ceaselessly,
Their hubbub disturbed me,
and I woke up from the scary dream,
opened my eyes towards the window,
raised the curtain, and saw there sitting,
two small children started their day begging.