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Can I see through your eyes

May i borrow your faith, for a little while,
I promise you, I’ll keep it safe,
Will you walk with me, just one more mile,
Take pity on this homeless waif,
the hand that you offer is gentle,
the trust that i feel is complete
you speak of a beautiful bethel
Rose petals, all strewn at your feet

Can i see through your eyes, for a little while,
see the heaven your taking me to,
I trust in the warmth of your smile,
And the light, that’s surrounding you.
Can i dream of the love, that awaits me,
That you promised will welcome me there,
Will the wings that you spread enfold me
And the weight of my soul will they bear

And i ask, as we soar, will they miss me,
The friends I have left far behind,
Will they know that now i am happy,
with the angels so gentle and kind,
when they borrow your faith for a little while,
when they follow the path that i’ve trod,
will they too feel the calm that has touched me,
when they sit at the feet of our God.