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Captain Lollipop And The Monster

Captain Lollipop was a hero of sorts,
he refused to wear trousers, would always wear shorts.
Except for at bedtime, when P.J’s he’d don,
for even he dare not argue with his Dad or his Mom.
One night as he laid ‘neath his duvet so warm,
he spotted a monster, with only one arm.
It swayed near the wardrobe, then across the wall,
it started off short, then it grew so tall.
The monster grew larger, as big as a house,
then gave a squeak, sounded just like a mouse.
But brave Captain Lolli’ no fear did he feel,
he leaped out of bed and yelled ‘WHAT’S THE DEAL? ‘
‘You come in my bedroom, growing so tall,
waving your arm all over my wall.
well I’m not scared of you, with your squeak like mouse.
So be off with you now, get out of my house! ‘
Then he jumped at the monster and wrestled it down,
he tousled and struggled it onto the ground.
He flicked on the light, to see the source of his anger,
and would you believe, it was his shirt on a hanger! !

Heath Gunn