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CHAT (The Cat)

Quel chat es-tu?
meow, I’m blue

Oh, to feel Paris again
stroll the Seine with glee again
walk with Venus a mile or so
Mona Lisa and de Milo

soar with Wings of Victory
view the wondrous sights to see
atop the Tour Eiffel
within the Louvre dwell
up to Montmartre a spell

along the Champs Elysees
perhaps, to sip some ice-thé
follow the people passing the café
hurrying on to the Ile de la Cité

tour the left bank and pause by the stalls
admire the artists, feel the breezes calm
voilá la Cathedral de Notre Dame
all its gargoyles guarding the walls

vestiges of Da Vinci’s Code within
read and can truly say I’ve been
now on to Luxembourg Gardens
ou on dit en français les jardins
    with rose-window flowers and glimmering pools
    and white sailing boats and children playing fool-
    ishly hiding from mama’s sweet smile
    les garçons jumping the Arc de Triomph a mile
    from Moulin Rouge and Nicole Kidman
    to dance a Can-Can in the sand
    les jeunes filles their cheeks so red with rouge holding         hands
    while circling Napoleon’s obelisk square
    within, without la Place de la Concorde
    and so so much more to see encore
    the site in 1889, the great World’s Fair
    to celebrate a happy time with Lyn’s anniversaire

Rushing in – rushing out
in Mont Saint Michel and about
tides of feelings and memories
shining sea across shining sea

Quel chat es-tu?
Merci beaucoup
mais toujours blue

dedicated to Lyn and Bob this 15th day of March, 2006 by Ben Gieske