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complications of you

you frustrate me

pushing all my red hot buttons

make my body tingle in ways I didn’t realize it should

make me taste my salty tears spending these days without you

you could have walked away more than once

but you chose to stay

put up with my irritations

all the things I do that cause you to be mad

see the beauty in me I never saw myself

torture me with your angry eyes

the way you always know how

make me wanna scream words at you

but somehow I love you

for all the hard moments

the soft moments count too

when i look in your eyes

i know i really love you

to put up with your bad choices

as you put up with mine

we are meant to be together

nothing stops us but this immensely slow time

I wanna hold your hand

through these cloudy seas ahead

wanna imagine the look of triumphant in your eye

after we have amazing sex in my bed

but most of all

one thing I know is true

I must love you too much

cause I ache inside

knowing your not here with me

I told myself I wasn’t gonna fall for you

along time ago

but we both know that i did

today the day we share together

will you keep holding my hand

through all this predicted stormy weather

keep making me cry myself to sleep

knowing you can’t be here

and wondering inside

if you love me true

if you don’t i always fear…

please don’t push me away the way you sometimes do

cause all I know is that babe

your the only one I wanna say I love you to..