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Daddy’s Daughter

She is
the apple of my eyes
the glitter of my life
the hopes of my future
the dream of my thoughts
the cream of my life
I love her
I give her
I please her
I praise her
I cared for her
I cried for her
I kissed her
I missed her
I wished all great things for her
I expected all great things from her
As a child she said ‘you alone know everything’
As teenager she said ‘ Don’t worry, I know the thing’
Now as grown-up, at times she says, ‘You know nothing’
But all things she utters
Pleases me and keep my eyes in moist glitters!
She cares for the poor
Whom she used to give all her pocket money,
and then asked me for more
She treats all with care
And never says her hands are bare
I taught her compassion
To make it her life’s mission
She is neither materialistic
Nor a religious mystic
Her path is realistic and humanistic
She exhibited guts to give-up a plush vocation
To take-up lesser paid job for her love for literary avocation
I insisted her to study only literature
She reconnected me back to my link failed love for literature
She is the pleasant thing
Whom God gift packed with love bonds
and kept in my wife’s womb
To be delivered into my hands!
Yes, she is my one and only daughter
With whose birth I found my place in the league of Nehru and Jephthah!
Blessing her to be compassionate all through her life
I named her after a Buddhist Nun, by consulting my wife!