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As I sit here alone in darkness
I see you laugh in the light.
You’re always filled with kindness
Why are you so happy while me, no might?
If I took it from you I should be stricken with blindness.

I still feel for you,
Even though I hate it every minute.
I could go without food
To be with you to no limit.
And now I think of your decisions as not very shrewd.

Now what I wouldn’t do to stop thinking of you
I cannot put into words, humanly impossible.
Now when I see you and him I’m in a bad mood,
But when I see you alone everything seems possible.
When I think of it more and more, I’ve concluded: I love you.

I live in darkness now,
Until I find the right person.
Even though that idea is as likely as a flying cow,
I know I will find that person.
I will live in the light like you, although it may be five, ten, twenty years from now.