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Daughter Of Frank

She was seven feet tall,
with a seventeen shoe.
One eye was brown and the other blue.
Her hair was all the colours of the rainbow.
She had ruby red lips,
and a waxy complexion.
She looked like something,
the cat had dragged in,
after a bad night on the tiles.
She had a double chin,
that wobbled a bit.
Her nose looked like,
it was glued into place.
She had a pin in her ear
with a bell on the end.
It played a tune
whenever she did a whirl,
while doing the twist.
She was some girl and unfortunately for me.
She was my blind date you see.
I was glad when the evening was over,
and the band played the last tune.
I walked her home,
and watched her climb into her tomb.
We had so much fun,
scaring everyone out of their wits.
Next week we are going to do it all again.
Me and that girl, the daughter of Frank-enstein.

9 August 1995