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Exalted worm burrowing deep
Mysterious devil inside
Fragile notions haunting my sleep
Slithering faith disguised as pride

Shredding the fabric of ideals
Notions of grandeur twist the soul
Nobody knows just how it feels
Slide headlong down the rabbit hole

Cowering deep beneath the crust
Prayers of release without pity
All works of man begin to rust
Fanged beasts roam the empty city

Eyes suppressing the cosmic dance
Pierce through the empty husk of life
Testaments to the endless trance
Unscrambling ambitions from strife

Predatory hawks gnaw my guts
Cutting the sky like razor blades
Ebbing out from those tiny cuts
Until the glow of despair fades

Sweat and blood irrigate the field
Vigilant cells divide to win
Begging the gap to be revealed
Pathogens hide beneath the skin

Redemptive hope prances away
As complacency takes control
Mercy ignores our grim foray
Hiding behind our ersatz goal