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Stars are trying to bloom ….
In the western sky…
I recollect your glittering eyes
I adore them from a long distant.

My eyes rushes through the western azure
Diving into the darkness.

You try to bloom as a lotus in a calm heavenly lake.
But, I welcome the darkness
Blowing off the glittering stars
I cherish the loneliness and desolation
As my own siblings.
May.. be I collected heaps of sins
In the cycle of the life – Samsara
The out come is ‘Suffering’

The darkness deepened …..
Changing into heavy rain
Started with a drizzle
The clouds are condensed with my tears
Shooting drops making a hard pang to my heart
Same bubbling tiny drops
Which washed her shoulders some time ago.
you really know the amounts of streams
spilled over my eyes? ? ?