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I need this to unburden my soul.
I need this to live free
as this is my therapy.
Your mind gets jumbled and somewhat confused at times
Screaming ‘I need Prozac, a line, or a toke of that good smoke’.
Am I going crazy.
Will I be able to handle this.
Took and shook
By surprise.
Damnit that’s not fair, didn’t even have time to compromise
Sneak attack.
I’m emotional, feeling alot of pain
like a crazed heroin addicted junkie with no dope to stick in their vein.
Feeling emotions way deep
down in my soul
Digging, digging, digging, shovel in hand in order
to console.
My inner spirit thats screaming.
‘It’s time to get ahold of those raw emotions that sway
as leaves on a tree as the wind blows through them on a rainy day,
and sort them like a bin of mail
Paying attention to every minute detail’.