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Don; We met after forty years

He is my elder brother Lalith’s class mate and his full name is Don.Padma. Bandhu
Don comes from Portuguese ancestry,
Padma denotes Lotus and Bandhu means friend in our mother tongue.
Time of course a Magician, after leaving school we met in the land of opportunity and it’s almost forty years
But we have not changed a bit, I have a gray beard and your side whiskers slightly gray.
We are old that’s all.
Thank you so much for the the gift the big Johnny Walker Red label bottle and it’s really a fountain for me to scribble my anguish,
Leave aside all the subjects we studied together
Algebra,Geometry,Physics and Chemistry
None of them help us today as we are the victims of Life’s struggle.
Again we met in the life school my dear and we have a lot to study,
Around us there are vast different characters in the life school
And be alert as you live in the Valley with your loving family
And I am with my singsong beloved and the loved ones are far away
Let smile like our school days and I still remember your favorite song.
If life is a song
But it’s a painful nagging and what else?