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Dont Write Just Cause

dont write just cause
when u feel to cry
this isnt just a way
to have em see you whine

this ain just a medium
to get em your depression
thats why they hate to read
the happiness’ suppressions

dont write just cause
u feel thats what you can all write
write about your joys,
and not just life’s strifes

you aint emo
so shouldnt be your poems
they gotta see the you,
the happy real one, go show em

dont write just cause
you think they dont know
the problems in life,
they always see it, its like an endless flow

i know that you fight
with the feelings that make you blue
but get it right, its gonna be fine
i totally believe in you

dont write just cause
thats what u feel and thats all that comes in you
theres stuff thats better
stuff that sounds way way cool

thats why i say
i wanna be with you all the way
it ain just cause i wanna help
but witness you livin it up and not havin much of em come again