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falling for your intangible soul
this dangerous curve your smile takes me on
angry eyes good intent
inside my mind churning butterflies
my happy thoughts you bent
I’m telling myself not to like you
or realize how much I’m starting to care
don’t wanna rely on you for my good feelings
what if you let me down
crush my positive vibe
wanna believe in my mixed up fantasy of you
this wonderful dream of the hero you are
promise you won’t let my heart get stomped to the ground
cause with you a touch of safety I’ve found
don’t wanna catch the glimpse of reality
cause I’m dreambound for now
floating on your words
cast me in to the sudden soul capture
your warm body next to mine paint my minds rapture
follow me into the happy melody you give
in your wandering shadow there may I live
can’t stop myself from tripping over love
beat me down if you must
but try to use kid gloves
I wanna feel that raw emotion
your blue eyes seem to give
my hand in yours
my heart I almost freely give
I don’t want to cut myself
when I fall this next time
so Help me from the anguish
tell me you are mine