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Atoms skitter to the center
In the square dance of all matter;
Quarks should rotate once around,
Keeping us on earth firm-bound.

Swing your partner far and wide,
Perihelion’s kept astride,
And the strings of matter
String along the boson’s heart.

Now come together; smatter, scatter;
Atom-smashers do not matter,
For this dance of matter
Truly is a dance of higher art,

Matter curtsys; and there’s gravity
Fills in each slight curving cavity-
From above, you’ll notice first
It all starts from just one burst-

So the particles keep on dancing,
Midnight comes, and still they’re prancing;
Whirling, somersaulting like they never
Dared to dance before;

Keep on watching, as the clocks hands
Travel once more past the grandstand;
We’re transfixed since matter never
Let us ever see this door.

We’re the eyes and ears that dare
To watch this tantric ballet, bared;
Entanglement seduces; there’s no other place to be-
Bow to your partner in this quantum duel of deadly rivalry.