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eternal love 2

I never felt loved until I met you.
I know with no doubts or reservations that you own me.
I love you.
I am yours fully.
You have the ability to rescue me from grief with your mere presence.
To melt me with a glance.
Bring joy to my heart, with a sigh
I never felt vulnerable until I met you.
The wall is down.
I know that you could kill me with a look.
Destroy me with a word.
Even your absence ties me up in knots.
I am defenceless against you.
My fate lies in your hands,
I trust you inexplicably
I never felt the need to reveal myself
I have this overwhelming desire to give all of myself to you
share my flaws and fears, even the deep ones,
the ones that have yet to be shared.
I want to share all my imperfections and idiosyncrasies with you
because I know that they are the only true things that I can give you
that no one has ever seen or heard before.
I sleep at night knowing,
that you were put on this earth,
just for me.
My feet haven’t touched the ground,
since I met you.
By making me your angel,
you have put my head in the clouds forever.
When you sleep at night and dream of me,
know that I am looking down at you.
And know that my heart is bursting
because I know
that no matter what
our love
has become