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Fallen… in Love

its the thing of beauty that Keats talked about
but i speak of the living one
who brought me from darkness
from fear, from pain to the everwarming strong bright sun

how colorful can love be
it comes in red, blue and even white
how much of care can it give
the hugging and taking you from sorrowful past, to the best time it can give you tonight

i’d seen u before in childhood’s grace
the innocence that was lit in your eyes
made the man i remember then, so grumpy and hated
all to a being, turned so nice

you showed me the truth, the secret, the power
that kept us up in our life
that it was love that made the world go round
so when hardships come never mind

you kept me away, from my heart to fade
my mind and soul from tear
just when i was there to fall in my tears
and have a weakened body so bare

you had me fallen, only for one certain thing
you made me fall… in love
the love that made rise though
rise high all time, but i dont know how

its all about this fall, that i think
and that i dont regret about
cause the fact that has me here today,
is that i live from you, for you, my love!