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Family is close.
They’re the ones I love the most.
Nothing breaks our bond.
For each other we are very fond.

We stay in touch, no matter how far.
On a bus, a boat, or a car.
We’ll always be together.
My aunt won’t leave, we won’t let her.

I have a large family, too many to count.
When we come together we all are about.
We all sit down to eat at family gatherings,
a very happy time, no emotions shattering.

We’re scatted across the U.S.
We keep in touch, it’s never a mess.
We spend as much time together as we can
Every one of us, woman, child, and man.

Family is the most vital love.
As beautiful as a dove.
In the end they’ll all you have left
after you’re in jail for theft.