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Morning Has Broken – I wake to another day
Pull up the body like an ungreased wheel creaking,
Now how to spend the day I say in dismay
Not wanting to do Somethin’ Stupid or anything.

Can’t find my fire and desire.
I Don’t Get Around Much Anymore – now retired.
End up by a well with all my wishes
And only dreams while washing dishes.

I know He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.
Not yet ready to go to where’s There’s A Place
with him/her up there for me or somewhere in his/her      land.
Find it hard to match names with faces.

It’s The same old Story Of The Rose
Beauty to behold and thorns when told
Not all Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows.
I never was all that bold.

I Left My Heart In San Francisco
Along with my guitar and banjo.
With Amazing Grace I waved goodbye to Nola
Like the Little White Duck
    doing what he oughter
         left sitting in the water.

And that was my bad luck
Not able to kiss the ladies of Calcutta
And never stepping foot in the Shenandoah.

Is it too late to follow advice,
Cast Your Fate To The Wind?
Maybe there’s room for one more vice,
Eres Tu/Touch The Wind.

Meet the Lady In Spain
But that might cause too much pain.
I have not much of a heart for adoring
Or all the bravery to go soaring.
Happy the day I said to my lover
Welcome To My World for the first time
An echo for my daughter
And refrain for my son, happy trinity in time.
That day the day beamed with song and shine.
I took my lover In My Merry Oldsmobile
To the church to swiftly steal
Told her We’ll Sing In The Sunshine

Climb to Rocky Top and cruise on down to Scarborough
With each other everything to share
Do the Muskrat Ramble and the Beatle Boogie
Feeling the beat of that ramblin’, scramblin’ boogie woogie,

Drive Five Hundred Miles in an Ode Of Joy,

   He loves you
    She loves you

With a song like that I knew I should be glad
Reminiscing all the good times we had
Holding each other In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree.

       A Taste Of Honey
       A taste much sweeter than wine
       A taste with my honey
       No moonshine more divine.

       It Was A Very Good Year.
       It was the best of years.
       Don’t want to Turn Around
       To a different sound.

The Morning Has Broken like the first morning.
My memory has spoken like just beginning
with a morning toast we’ll sing Joy To The World

              joy to you and me

       Let There Be Peace On Earth
       Beginning with you and me.
       The peace that was meant to be.
       Brothers and sisters all are we.