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Flavor of Love

This love is like no other
Born on the day
When I made love to your dreams
Under the covers
To nurture the ambition
Of all your wishes
This love is a little different
No one imprisons themselves
With waiting for 5 years
Or however long it takes to get married
Just to get a taste of the flavor
Your flavor of love
You and I
Possess a unique appetite for affection
So much so
That I was asking god to show
A little more room in our stomachs to grow
To have enough room to be fed to show
How much you feel for me
And fulfill me
And this love
This love is like a handful of chocolate candy
And I’m not quite sure what that means
But you’re really sweet to me
See that’s why I’m waiting for you
I want to see you
I wanna breathe you
I wanna hold you and mold you
And caress you while becoming one with you
I want my body parts to flirt with you
I want the fluid from your body to leak like my pen do
I want to make love to you
Caress until you are weak
Please just let me
I want to be soft sweet and gentle with you

Fuck that I want to get on and aggressive with you
And toss you around
And pin you up and down
On some real tough shit
I want you to scream my name
Like you’re my super-freak
And I’m your Rick James
I want to put some time in you
And take my time with you
And do what I do
You made me feel too alive
It took me by surprise
When you told me I was your favorite M&M
I meant to melt in your mouth
And and not in your hand
I’m sorry
It was not on my agenda nor my plan
I just want to make love to you
I want to sink into you
Ignoring all the situations of the outside world
And pay attention to the passion
And shiftin
Of our twistin and turnin
Screaming and yelling
Our next door neighbors have to call the cops
Maybe have them join?
I wanna be freaky
Maybe do you while you
Underneath me
I wanna bend and break
Until I break
And I
Keep it in
While I bend
And I
Wanna work you out
Like Taebo
Maybe then you could give me a low blow
Don’t think you won’t get one in return
My tongue is solo
But loves to go so low
Until the taste buds taste the incredible
Taste of your essence
Your glow
I wanna rest my head in between your thighs
Look at your eyes
Starin down at my eyes
As I
Become more familiar
With you
I wanna pull aside the sides
So my tongue can get it right
Do you right
Now you wet
You must be hot
You already came? How about not
It may not be possible
But imma try to use my tongue
To get to your G spot
It’s too hot
And that’s a lot
But I’m not done
Sometimes I can’t stop
Cause I am young
And hung
On you
This love is like somethin new
I do what I do best
And making love is what I do
I just wanna please you
Cause that’s what pleases me
But sometimes imma freak
Let’s do it in your parents room
Let’s do it in the street
We can go for however long
Cause there ain’t no expiration date on this meat
You can cook it in heat
And when its time to eat
Your fed
You let my meat put you to sleep
Put you to bed
But before this is over
I repeat everything that happened
Over and over
Until my mind is getting explosive imagery
And holdin back is killin me
But you spoke those words
I was feelin you
You was feelin me
About to submit all my energy
To you willing but unwillingly
Its gone
I told you I meant to melt in your mouth
And not in your hand
But you shouldn’t of called me your favorite M&M
This is the flavor of love