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From The Forum Rebutt Series II

Had my shower then the dinner
folks said clean must be a winner,
clipped my fingernails and toes
squeezed small pimple on my nose.
Kinky is a word erotic
which is derived from the exotic,
one never wonders of these matters
because one’s mind goes into tatters
if rationale be thus applied
let guilt and culture be denied.
You ask, if I may be permitted
the question many hyper-titted
and floozy minds already pondered,
they shook their heads and then they wondered
but answers did elude them still.
Read on, my dear, and, if you will
I shall be ready to rebut
and have you over in my hut.

You zipped a place upon my name
In butt ‘n head.. what is your claim
to kink n hold erotica? Heavens in shame!
I wonder over grass hut matters
fans that work, will windows shatter?
I suppose I’d expect blood to be spilt
over mosquito nets, and flowers that wilt

You see, exotic is not these tings
for I have a bell but it does not ring

pimple squeezing, pussed to rot
Best use your hand and get a clothe! !


Now you’re teasing,
PIMPLE squeezing?
I’d say you bring a potent loupe!
And find the fly inside your soup!
I shall not talk about an udder
but rest assured, mine is a rudder,
it navigates the milky way
and if inclined, may surely stay.
You call it dinky
its owner kinky,
how dare you judge by just the cover?
A cloth makes not a happy lover.


I once had a book that said In Me
But powers of be banned it to history
The cover was cloth of velvet, inscribed
“Come dink with the owner and feel alive”
The Prologue added more by way of recipe broth
“I’ll take the kinks out of your chain rubbing special stock”
… and footnotes navigated through Milky Waves to tease the reader to more
in references to udders and rudders..
but rest assured, mostly to the lover I adore.


I kept that book, a hardback lasts,
up on the shelf
reserved for ‘R’,
no stranger may peruse its words
the leather clasped, sign of infinity.
It pleases me so much to share
the wisdom of the ages, even though
you may interpret things, perhaps
a wee too hasty or on superficial dust.
Perhaps we could, if you agree
sit down together by the Linden tree
and read a passage or a few, just you and I,
while sipping Slivovic and eating apple pie.

A hardback lasts, perhaps …
down to an anterior pubic spine
where infinity latches to spill sweet wines
now sharing interpretations is a matter of signs
“Tree this Way”, “Eat Pie”, and “Come in, Good Time”
Let’s sip, read lines and hang the Reserve Sign up as “All Is Fine”


You spew, my learned friend wise words indeed,
I had not thought of you as Mademoiselle Fair,
yet eyes that see all beauty and find time to read
are precious eyes, though I should never dare
to look for spills inside those pupils of azure
where evening sunsets see the Papabears recline
inside their homes where they drink bootleg straight, not pure.
May I entice you, lovely poet to sweet wine?

Now if I drunk your sweet wine I’d probably spew
and wise words would drop off to less than a few
but I’ll keep you dearest, as a friend to watch sunset’s blends
a Mademoiselle and a Papabear..! ! we could start a new trend..? ?