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It’s said the moon has power over man –
It governs our body mechanisms,
Rising and falling biorhythms,
Lunar months during pregnancy,
And it plays with our minds:

The full moon is captivating –
Rising as a ball of orange light in the fall,
Blazing brilliant white on a winter’s night
Enhancing the stars in their midnight glory
And bathing the earth below in stark half-light:

It mesmerizes lovers and dreamers,
Promises miracles to those who pray,
Agitates the unstable mind,
Inspires the poet to create beautiful words,
And interrupts our sleep with its magical glow;

It beckons us to exlore its mysteries –
A lucky few have walked its surface
Leaving footprints for future explorers to follow;
Always it appears as a beacon of steadfastness,
An anchor that tethers this unstable planet.

A beautiful sight on a black onyx night.