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Within the nucleus of human endeavor
exists a growth of clandestine power
confident in tyranny sewn from plunder
groping with tendrils of cash to devour.

Brave in plotting such social order
against the passions of living tissue
with philanthropic legends brewing
deception to mold our human issue.

Each movement needs ample leaning
to reign deliverance away from minds
crying to breathe the sweet air of liberty
until integrity gets caught in the grind.

They prop the Darwin mantra to fuel
eugenic battles of racial fabrication
while decrying the sins of competition
since they hunt control of the plantation.

Why fight the war when battles need oil
to lubricate the gears of destruction?
Feed the fear until all get trampled
to hoard the reigns of all production.

So the grid scrambles for completion
of their primeval order of disarray
with Hegelian debates that shall ensure
that people shall starve until they obey.

My force of will shall never surrender
to ganglion growths of twisted flesh.
When these tumors sink under the skin
I shall crush them outright while they thresh.