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So many times I find myself
wanting to reach out to you.
I know you made a choice,
and I also know it was not an easy one.
There was so much left unsaid,
so much yet to be explored –
the path continues to wind
along the hills and valleys of our minds.
No longer hand in hand,
the path did fork,
and difficult as it was to let you go,
it was time. Time for you to choose
your own direction, your own journey.
Yet deep within I feel you still –
your thoughts, your tender words,
your beautiful, brilliant mind –
embedded within every fiber
of my being.
And even though you’re gone,
you have touched my soul
and enriched my life
in ways that you can never
begin to understand.
And I am grateful for each moment,
each word , each thought that passed
between us. They will remain
forever precious to me,
and we shall remain forever
heart to heart.